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We encourage every believer to advance the Kingdom of God by serving in a ministry. Joining a ministry is a great way to grow spiritually, as we unite and become one in the Spirit, impacting the world for Christ (Ephesians 4:16). It provides opportunities to give back by making a difference in the lives of others (1 Peter 4:10). More importantly, you will glorify God (1 Peter 4:11). Read more to learn about our ministries.

Culinary Ministry The Culinary Ministry provides culinary services to meet the needs of the church. The Ministry is committed to high-quality standards required for health, safety and excellence in food service.

Deacon Ministry The Deacon Ministry ministers to the physical needs of the members of the body of Christ. The Ministry also provides support to the Pastor.

Deaconess Ministry The Deaconess Ministry serves the members of the body of Christ and provides support to the Pastor and the Deacon Ministry.

Hospitality Ministry The Hospitality Ministry promotes a loving environment by welcoming and encouraging guests through Christian fellowship.

Men of Faith Ministry The Men of Faith Ministry strives to cultivate men by helping them understand their role in the order of the Church through learning, fellowship, and providing spiritual and emotional support.

Missions Ministry The Missions Ministry is dedicated to promoting evangelism through engagement with the local community and throughout the world by demonstrating the love of Christ. The Ministry partners with various ministries and organizations to provide outreach to meet the needs and foster the wellbeing of others.

Multimedia Ministry The Multimedia Ministry ensures that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is captured in an ever-changing world through the effective use of information technology, graphics, and audio/visual tools. The Ministry supports the church’s use of digital and electronic media as outreach tools and provides technical and audio/visual support for worship service and events.

Music Ministry The Music Ministry is dedicated to creating a spiritual atmosphere conducive for praise and worship by using the talents of the Ministry through the art of music and song.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry The Pastor’s Aide Ministry serves to support the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the Pastor.

Praise Dance Ministry The Praise Dance Ministry is designed to holistically praise and worship the Lord through the art of dance, thereby, allowing God to use the Ministry as vessels to bring forth His Word through movement while ministering to His people.

Scholarship Ministry The Scholarship Ministry provides financial support to eligible high school graduates who pursue education beyond high school. Financial support is provided through the Rebecca “Mother” Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund to assist with the educational opportunities of future leaders in the church and community.

Seniors Ministry The Seniors Ministry is designed to address the needs of our seniors: physical limitations, transportation, and community services that will benefit seniors (i.e. social security, health care, financial aid, and housing). The Ministry also provides encouragement and empowerment through fellowship activities and events designed specifically for seniors.

Sunday Church School Ministry The Sunday Church School Ministry provides comprehensive learning of God’s Word and the love of Christ. Classes are structured for various age groups to foster spiritual growth for all students.

Transportation Ministry The Transportation Ministry is designed to meet the needs of the church through planning, coordinating, and implementing safe transport of passengers. The Ministry also provides maintenance and upkeep of church vehicles.

Trustee Ministry The Trustee Ministry provides oversight of church affairs in the following areas: Administration, Finance and Acquisition, Building and Equipment Maintenance, Transportation and Communication Logistics, Security and Safety, Grounds Upkeep, Inventory, Replenishment of Supplies, General Maintenance and Custodial Services, and Compliance with Government Regulations.

Ushers Ministry The Ushers Ministry creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with the love of Jesus by greeting those who enter the church. The Ministry also serves the needs of the congregation during worship service and events.

Women of Faith Ministry The Women of Faith Ministry provides spiritual guidance and emotional support to strengthen women in their development of a personal relationship with God and one another.

Youth Ministry The Youth Ministry provides a safe, kid-friendly environment to carry out well-planned Christian programs, activities, and events where children can begin early learning about God. The Ministry strives to spiritually impact the lives of the youth to make a big impact for God, the community and the world.