Our History...Celebrating 142 Years of Ministry!

Macedonia Baptist ChurchMacedonia Baptist Church was founded in 1876 by James Hungerford, a slave who donated the land from his inheritance from his master in Marshall Hall.

The first structure was a log cabin with a long bench for the pulpit. The surrounding marshland overtook the first church. The members were not to be defeated in their endeavors to have a worship house to serve the Lord; therefore, they selected a new site on top of a hill, which is our present location.

In 1913, the church was named Pure Gold Baptist Church. However, in 1920 the Reverend John Robinson rekindled the interest of the members, and the congregation elected to rename the church back to Macedonia Baptist Church. Unfortunately, Macedonia Baptist Church experienced a disastrous end—it was destroyed by fire in 1959. All church records were lost in the fire.

In 1960, under the pastorate of Reverend John R. Morton, Macedonia Baptist Church was rebuilt. As the years progressed, the physical structure of Macedonia Baptist Church has been renovated and enhanced with new additions.

Past & Present Pastors

During the period of 1920 to 1940, the following pastors served, but their records were destroyed in the fire:

  • Reverend Garfield Hunter
  • Reverend John Robinson
  • Reverend Frank Henderson
  • Reverend Guttrick
  • Reverend Thornton

Reverend John R. Morton was pastor from 1940 to 1962. Reverend Morton was ordained at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Marbury, Maryland. He was a great organizer. He was the driving force on the construction of Macedonia after the fire. Reverend Morton was a former Master and an active member of Beehive Lodge #66, F&AM PHA, Corinthian Chapter #20 Royal Arch Masons and a former patron of Truth Chapter #19 Order of the Eastern Star in Pomonkey, Maryland. During the construction period, Reverend Morton's Masonic brethren allowed Macedonia to hold their worship services at that location. Reverend Foster Graham served as an associate minister until he was called to pastor Mount Paran Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Reverend Ernest Dotson was pastor from 1962 to 1967. During his pastorate in 1962, the original plans for building the Fellowship Hall were developed. In 1963, Macedonia voted to use wafers in lieu of bread for Holy Communion. Deacon Alonzo Johnson was voted Chairman of the Deacon Board in 1963. Deacon Johnson was the first Chairman to retire Emeritus. Also, a major purchase of choir chairs was made in 1965.

Reverend R. Vincent Palmer was pastor from 1967 to 1969. Reverend Palmer was ordained November 14, 1964 by Reverend Rodney Young, who was the Pastor of Mount Hope Baptist Church, Nanjemoy, Maryland. In 1969, Sister Mary Alice Bland was voted Mother of the Church. The Youth Choir flourished under Reverend Palmer's pastorate.

Reverend William H.Scott was pastor from 1970 to 1979. Reverend Scott was installed as Pastor on June 7, 1970. During his pastorate, major structural changes were completed on the church. A new raised pulpit was constructed, new pulpit furniture, Communion table, pews, a new heating system, carpet and air conditioning window units were installed. Also during Reverend Scott's pastorate, Deacons Nathan Briscoe and Robert Bowman were ordained. Deacons Robert A. Fletcher and William W. Banks were also called to the ministry and ordained in 1975. Reverends Delores Blakemore and James Brooks served as Associate Ministers and Reverend William W. Banks was voted Assistant Pastor. Additionally, 66 baptisms were recorded during Pastor Scott's tenure.

Reverend George A. Hayes was pastor from 1979 to 1988. During Reverend Hayes' administration, the church bus was purchased, additions were made to the sanctuary and a major renovation, Project Brick, was added to the entire outside structure. This was a labor of love, as the sisters of the church supplied meals, and the brothers, along with friends and relatives, devoted their time and talent to beautify the exterior of the church. On November 22, 1986, Deacons Winfred W. Pearson and George Frye were ordained under Reverend Hayes' pastorate. Macedonia's first newsletter was created and edited by Deacon George and Sister Korla Frye. The late Deaconess Mary Morton was voted the Mother of the Church.

On Macedonia's 110th Church Anniversary and the Pastor's 7th Anniversary, Macedonia received letters of commendation from Maryland's Governor, Congressional Representatives, Senators, and the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

Reverend C. H. Johnson was pastor from 1989 to 1999. Reverend Johnson was a charismatic organizer. Under his pastorate, Macedonia adopted the theme, "The Best is Yet to Come", paraphrased from 1 John 3:2. Reverend Johnson initiated a mid-day/mid-week Prayer/Praise and Bible Discussion, and was a major impetus in growing the Sunday Church School as well as developing a Transportation Ministry and a Children's Ministry program for children ages 2 through 8. During Reverend Johnson's pastorate, a major interior renovation was completed: new carpeting, re-upholstered pews, new chairs for the pulpit and choir loft, a baptismal pool, central air conditioning, and overflow chairs. Reverend Johnson was the first pastor on record to marry during his pastorate. The late Chairman, Deacon Nathan Briscoe, retired as Emeritus. Also, there were three Deacons ordained during Pastor Johnson's tenure: Deacons Elmer Jackson, Earl Nelson, and Richard Pearson, Jr.

Reverend Franklin C. Merritt accepted the call as Pastor of Macedonia on April 20, 2001. Before joining Macedonia, Reverend Merritt was an Associate Minister at Mount Ennon Baptist Church, Clinton, MD, under the pastorate of the late Reverend James H. Neal. During Reverend Merritt's tenure, new members and a flourishing Youth Ministry grew, including a Dance Ministry. The renovation debt was paid off and two church vans were purchased. The late Deacon Abraham Brown and Deacon Charles Whittington were added to the Deacon Ministry. Reverends Geoffrey Thomas and Jason Reynolds also joined the Ministerial Staff. On September 1, 2004, Pastor Merritt was called home to be with the Lord.

Reverend Joseph C. T. Flippin, M. Div., accepted the call on February 23, 2006 to become Macedonia's next Pastor. Reverend Flippin was installed as Pastor of Macedonia on June 18, 2006, by his father, Reverend William Edward Flippin, Sr., Senior Pastor of The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia. As a third generation of preachers in his family, Rev. Flippin continued the legacy of his late grandfather, Reverand Moses Taylor, Sr., and the vision of his father, to be a beacon of faith and hope for people seeking to build God's Kingdom here on Earth. Under Pastor Flippin's leadership, the noon day Bible Study on Tuesdays was reinstated; five ministers were licensed into the Ministry: Aurellia Dyson, Gwendolyn Warren, Yolanda Norton, Collette Morton and Aretha Bowman; and two Deacons were ordained: James Crudup and Anthony Mack. Also, parking lots 1 and 2 were paved and the church mini-bus was purchased. During Reverend Flippin's pastorate, the first Deaconess Consecration was held for Tracy Crudup. On November 18, 2011, after serving for five years, Reverend Flippin resigned the pastorate of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Reverend Samuel A. King, Jr., accepted the call as Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church on April 11, 2012. Before joining Macedonia, Reverend King served as Assistant to Pastor Carl V. Messiah at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Marbury, MD. Prior to accepting the call to Macedonia, Reverend King also served as the Interim Pastor for approximately 90 days. Pastor King was installed as the shepherd of Macedonia on July 22, 2012 by Reverend Messiah. God has blessed Macedonia with "A Man On A Mission" for Christ.

Pastor King has strived to provide biblical teaching and preaching that transform lives and foster accountability in the ministry. Under his leadership, four ministers have joined the ministerial staff (Reverend Ernest Pitts, Minister Leonard Chappell, Minister Rick Spruill, D.M. and Minister Tracy Medley. Two Deacon Ordinations and one Deaconess Consecration have taken place at Macedonia. The following Deacons and Deaconess have been trained and tested to serve God's people and assist the Pastor in the work of the Church: Deacons: Stanley Kelly, Kenneth Stanley, Charles O. Bland, Paul A. Dunnington, Jr., Ronnie L. Williams, and Luke H. Woods; and Deaconess: Dorothy M. Merritt, Bonnie Roper, DeGrasia Stanley and Constance Jefferson-Woods. Additionally, a major Church and Sanctuary Renovation Project have taken place. Also, ministries and programs are being added to address the needs of the congregation and the community. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless this union of Pastor and Church. To God Be the Glory for all the great things He has done!